Cellulite Reduction

Bikini season is here and you want to look your best without focusing on unsightly cellulite. Glam Squad Florida can get rid of cellulite on your arms, legs, back, buttocks, and abdomen. Get the look that you want at a reasonable price with no pain and treatment that is non-invasive.

Let 2017 be your year with the help of Glam Squad Florida. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 727 226-7844

Lines On My Forehead

Do you have lines on your forehead? We can help you with that, our laser contouring tools will get rid of those lines on your forehead or anywhere else and smooth them out. Our non-invasive procedures are painless and smooths out the wrinkles (tightens the skin).

Gather your girlfriends and have a laser get together and take care of your problem area. We have the latest machines and can help you look and feel your best. Our laser techniques are for permanent results and not temporary fixes.

We have great group discounts and would be happy to transport our mobile laser machines to the place of your get together. Brides to be, ladies night or any occasion, we are happy to meet you where you are and help you solve those problem areas for any event you may have coming up.

Are you turning 40 this year, 50? Sizzling sixty? What a great way to keep you feeling young and just as important, looking young. Glam Squad Florida is now booking dates throughout the Tampa Bay area.

That 25 year class reunion is coming up, are you ready? Call us at 727 226-7844


Puffy Eyes?

Do you have puffy eyes or bags under your eyes? We can help with that. Give us a few sessions and those puffy eyes will be deflated once and for all. Pack your under eye bags and kiss them goodbye. Our laser will get rid of those for you and you’ll look better and be more confident. Selfies anyone?

Glam Squad Florida’s mobile laser contouring and sculpting can rejuvenate your look and get you ready for Summer. Call us at 727 226-7844 or visit http://www.glamsquadflorida.com for our great rates. Phenomenal group rates for your family and friends are just another reason to call us today.

It’s Your Time

It’s your time to have the body that you have dreamed of and get rid of the cellulite that you have hated for so very long. Does your cellulite stop you from wearing your summer shorts or sleeveless tops? Glam Squad Florida can help rid you of that ugly cellulite and it’s all non-invasive and painless. Our mobile laser body sculpting and contouring treatments are just what you need to get ready for summer.

Make it a night out with the girls and gather your family and friends for a great discount on our services. Is it just plain fat that you want to rid of? A flatter tummy? Our “Below Zero Fat Freeze” session is calling your name. Call Glam Squad Florida for your appointment at 727 226-7844 or http://www.glamsquadflorida.com

Summertime Is My Time

Summertime is my time or at least it will be this year. Is Summertime going to be your time? “Below Zero Fat Freeze” is a great way to rid your problem area of unwanted fat. Does your stomach look bloated? Are your arms a little bit bigger than what you are used to because of added fat? Have you lost weight and your skin is now saggy? We can help.

Glam Squad Florida has your back. We can get rid of that fat in your arms, stomach or any area on your body that gives you an unsightly look. Skin tightening and skin rejuvenation is the new fountain of youth and can give you that confidence and the edge that you want or need.

Glam Squad Florida and our mobile laser equipment will come to your home or venue when you host a gathering of five or more friends or family. Give us a call at 727 226-7844 or visit our website at http://www.glamsquadflorida.com

Be The Star That You Are

Nobody is perfect but you can get close to it with our mobile laser body contouring parties. Be the star that you are and correct those blemishes that make you self-conscious about your problem areas. Is it your cellulite that makes you feel uncomfortable? Well, our “Below Zero Fat Freeze” treatment is for you. Throw caution to the wind and do what will make you feel better and look amazing. You’ll be glad you did.

Maybe you have a few wrinkles that need to be tightened or skin rejuvenation may be the answer to give you that youthful glow. All of our procedures are non-invasive and can take years off of your looks.

Our group discounts are a great incentive to get together with the girls one afternoon or ladies night out is a fun idea too. Our mobile laser equipment comes to you, no fuss, no muss. Call to book your appointment at Glam Squad Florida 727 226-7844 or http://www.glamsquadflorida.com


Wedding Bell Blues

Do you have the wedding bell blues? Worried about how your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses are going to look? Worry no more! Get rid of those blues! We can help with our mobile laser sculpting and body contouring, all non-invasive and non-surgical. Get the girls together and we will work our magic.

Do you have unwanted cellulite on your arms, legs, or buttocks? Have wrinkles found a new home on your face or neck? We can help! Our skin tightening and face rejuvenation will iron out those wrinkles and give you that youthful glow.

Try our “Below Zero Fat Freeze” treatment and get rid of that fat on your arms, legs, and tummy. All of our treatments are pain-free and non-invasive. Give us a call and set up your appointment today. We have great group discounts and we can come to you with our mobile equipment.

Glam Squad Florida http://www.glamsquadflorida.com

727 226-7844

Your Wedding Is Just Around the Corner

Is there something that you would like to change before your wedding day? Maybe you are due for some skin tightening to get rid of some of the sun’s effects on your face or perhaps some sun spots removed. A butt or bust lift may be just what you need to make that dress look perfect or cellulite reduction for that tropical honeymoon.

Our non-invasive laser body contour and sculpting may be just what you’ve been looking for. Look no more. Our “Below Zero Fat Freeze” can work miracles on many parts of your body and our package and party discounts are phenomenal.

Call us at Glam Squad Florida 727 226-7844 or http://www.glamsquadflorida.com to book your next party or get together.

Crows Feet Got You Down?

We can help at Glam Squad Florida. Our skin tightening and skin rejuvenation is just what you need to get rid of those wrinkles. Why do it alone? Girls Night is the perfect time to get some problem areas done non-invasively and have fun doing it.

Our treatment is painless and can erase years off of your face or other areas. Do you need a flatter stomach or maybe tightening up on your arms? We can help with that too. Our “Below Zero Fat Freeze” works wonders. Give us a call at 727 226-7844 for your next get together or go to or website at http://www.glamsquadflorida.com.